About the Economic Daily

Founded in the early 1980s, the Economic Daily formally started its publication on Jan. 1st, 1983. Since then, the Daily has dedicated itself to providing economic decision makers, business executives, economists, and people from all trades and professions with timely, accurate, and comprehensive news about China's economy.

Thanks to the country's rapid economic development, the Daily has become one of the most influential and authoritative newspapers in China, an official outlet for the government to publicize its economic policies, a major database for Chinese entrepreneurs to gather information, and a reliable source for Chinese people to obtain business news relating to their daily life.

In more than two decades, the Economic Daily has forged strong relationships with various governmental organizations, and large state-owned or state-controlled enterprises and financial institutions. Headquartered in Beijing, the Daily also has 58 local bureaus in different provinces, autonomous regions, and large cities, and posts foreign correspondents in more than 20 countries, which definitely broadens the scope of its news reporting.

Comparing with other major Chinese newspapers in the country, a unique feature of the Economic Daily is its in-depth coverage and excellent analytical articles. Since its publication, the Daily has published many high quality analyses of the industrial trends, market movements, and macro-economic situations, which not only won a high reputation for the paper itself in the Chinese media circles, but also played a very positive role at the different stages of the country's economic reform.

As a nationwide newspaper, the Daily is currently printed seven days a week in 27 major cities across the country, which can guarantee a timely delivery to the domestic readers in most areas. Along with the launch of China Economic Net (CE.cn at http://www.ce.cn ), people now can read the Economic Daily from its online edition 24 hours a day.

On June 8, 1998, the Economic Daily Newspaper Group was formed. By far, it consists of two subsidiary publishing houses, a printing services center, a correspondence college, and 18 different publications with more than 1,800 full-time employees as a whole. Except the Group's flagship-the Economic Daily, the other publications include China Flower & Gardening News, Spotlight Times, China Fashion News, Securities Daily, China Building Materials News, China Fashion Weekly, China Entrepreneur (bimonthly), China Economic Information (bimonthly), Economy (monthly), and China Textile News.

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