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U020220721331577002286.jpg China's grain production expected to remain stable in 20222022-07-21
China's grain production expected to remain stable in 2022
Measures counter food security risks2022-07-21
China has taken effective measures to respond to global food security risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, officials with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Wednesday.
Summer grain harvest increases despite floods2022-07-15
China's summer grain harvest increased despite rare floods last year, laying a solid foundation for the annual grain harvest, an official with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Thursday.
Technology improving agriculture2022-07-05
With new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, smart agriculture is expected to bring about essential changes to traditional agriculture in China, an expert said.
Hami melons sent to overseas markets2022-07-05
Hundreds of metric tons of Hami melons, a specialty of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, were transported to the Southeast Asian market recently from their namesake city Hami, the first time for such a shipment complete with certificates of origin.
Experts: Global disruptions on grain security to be limited2022-07-04
China's grain security will not be disrupted by the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and soaring prices of many agricultural products across the world this year, as its self-sufficiency in staple grain production remains high amid growing external problems, said experts and business leaders.
Cool-weather crops heat up district's economy in Ningxia2022-06-29
Choy sum, a type of cabbage that is a common sight at dinner tables and Cantonese restaurants in South China, often comes from another part of the country entirely.
China's per capita share of grain at 483 kg2022-06-28
China's per capita share of grain reached 483 kg in 2021, higher than the internationally recognized security line of 400 kg, the country's agriculture official said Monday.
China to enhance legal protection of farmlands2022-06-26
China will expedite the formulation of a farmland protection law, a further step to safeguard the country's farmlands, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources.
未命名_副本.jpg China reaps bumper summer harvest securing food security2022-06-08
By Monday, China had finished reaping winter wheat on 167 million mu (about 11.13 million hectares) of farmland, accounting for around 55 percent of its total winter wheat.
202206014191452f30364b809628f203638d4a72_1e37d0f8-8388-4bf9-8d3e-63bc3ad6665a.jpg Summer harvest progresses in full swing to ensure food security2022-06-02
China is carrying out its summer harvest at full throttle in a bid to ensure adequate grain supply.
Chinese researchers cultivate local wine yeast strains2022-05-28
Chinese researchers have cultivated two local wine yeast strains and large-scale industrial application has been realized for them, according to the Northwest A&F University (NWAFU) in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
Hainan stands at forefront of seed industry innovation2022-05-26
A modern complex on a tiny island in Hainan province is due to become part of a crucial platform for international exchanges in seed germplasm resources and also a themed tourist destination.
20220519dc6b3c5063814698941c6e35fdd91a5f_202205199509d222d00e47f1a4a452539fde2c75_副本.jpg China's only seed bank for cold-region crops completes expansion in Heilongjiang2022-05-20
The crop germplasm bank, located in China's northernmost province of Heilongjiang, has preserved more than 50,000 samples of various crops. Over 2,000 samples of wild soybeans, a second-class protected plant in China, have been stored in the bank, accounting for 25 percent of the nation's total.
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